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Electrical equipment is vital to every job site. Construction crews need electrical products not only to run their equipment, but to install electrical systems into buildings they create. Industrial building managers need the right wires, fittings and switches to make repairs. Laboratories need circuit breakers and push buttons to create electrical components. Field workers need portable power supplies to keep operations up and running when wired electricity is not available. Whatever your electrical needs, Bradshaw has you covered.

We stock a large selection of electrical supplies in our hardware store. We also have access to thousands of products. Find what you need at Bradshaw to connect to and maintain a stable connection to an electrical power source. Electrical supplies like extension cords, outlet strips, and plugs and connectors are a vital part of even the most complicated job. Look for products with surge protection to help shield your equipment from power spikes. On any job, large or small, Grainger will help keep you connected.


Electrical supplies


Electrical Supplies Offered

  Generators & Alternative Energy
  Light Bulbs
  Extension Cords & Power Strips
  Batteries & Chargers
Electrical Tape, Tools & Testers
Switches, Dimmers & Receptacles

Electrical Supplies Offered

Wall Plates
Adapters & Timers
Door Chimes & Buttons
Electrical Boxes, Conduits & Fittings
Fuses & Circuit Breakers
Wire, Connectors & Fasteners
Plugs & Connectors